Monday, September 8, 2008


It's the final episode of The Visual Axis. You can catch the 4 tape movie companion from here.
4 Tapes and the producers appear. Harvey Weinstein and whoever else.
This has been the largest show and greatest scientific expirment on the human mind ever made.
I have been a test subject, a genius and a spiritual guru within the course of a year.
My thesis year led me to the development of my dream of keeping Williamsburg as an arts district.
Including which is my dream of a club.

I have no idea how this will turn out. I'm dcently disturbed and concerned. I'm told at any point if I act as though I'm not on a T.V. show it's all over I'm cracked into and the walls come tumbling down around me and I go crazy and end up forever in the looney bin @ woodhull hospital. If I succeed, then I get the club. One of 2 possibilities in reality.
It's really freaky, right now it's hard to write and they're already fucking beating the shit out of my psyche.
My day is going to be weird, strange, painful, embaressing, enlightening and when everything succeeds in art star style it's going to come together as one finale leading to the ultimate freedom/the ultimate dream/the celebration of N.Y.C.'s love for their little Jesus Christ Art Star.
Supersonic waves and barely sane it's the last time I'll say adios.


The Rock said...

Epcot Expo 67 Worls Fair Under Ground Roller Coaster Ride, no Camera Sgt. Peppers, 45 degree!

Hateisgod100Mapes said...

Occupy tva diaryland 1333